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Employment Opportunities

KITAHAMA International IP Law Firm is constantly on the lookout for motivated individuals:
・Candidates for patent attorneys or patent engineers in the mechanical, electrical, and chemical disciplines (Chinese or Japanese patent attorneys are preferred)
・Candidates for English or Chinese translators (native English or Chinese speakers are preferred)
* Various working styles may be acceptable even with limited working hours. >>Details

Our Office

We, the staff at KITAHAMA International IP Law Firm in Osaka, hold our clients’ opinions in high esteem while collectively working to provide each of our clients with efficient and value-added services for their intellectual property rights objectives.

  • Technical Fields
    All areas of technical subject matter are regularly handled at KITAHAMA International IP Law Firm, including but not limited to electrical, electronic, and information technology (including solar cells, semiconductors, control circuits, displays, business models, etc.), mechanical (automobiles, production plants, medical equipment, etc.), and chemical (polymers, resins, fibers, inorganic materials, etc.). We will also endeavor to service our clients’ needs for any other technologies.
  • Internationality
    We work in close cooperation with overseas law and patent firms in order to acquire intellectual property rights for our clients, not only in the United States and Europe, but also in “BRICS” countries such as China and India which are achieving rapid economic growth. Through such cooperative links, we aim to support our clients’ global business strategies in the field of intellectual property.
  • Service Range
    KITAHAMA International IP Law Firm provides a full range of patent and trademark prosecution services, as well as related services including consulting on matters such as intellectual property strategy, academia-industry collaboration, intellectual property assessment, and business matching. We provide our clients with total-support in persuing their intellectual property objectives.
  • Consulting
    We are happy to provide a free consultation by telephone, Email, or in person. During the free consultation we will explain effective and efficient measures available to our clients, such as free prior art searches (available to small and medium scale businesses through the Japan Patent Office).

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